Here at Automotive New Lynn, we pride ourselves on quality, stress-free service for every customer.

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  • Vehicle Services
  • Warrant of Fitness
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Breakdown Repairs
  • Gearbox Repairs

Why Choose automotive new lynn

We are a team of experienced mechanics ready to tackle down any problems with your car, without the overhead and delegated responsibilities of the typical garage. It’s simple: You need your car to run right and be properly maintained, and we have the expertise to do it for you.

  • ltnz certified
  • courtesy cars
  • wof authorized
  • free quotes
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About Us

100% Kiwi Owned and Operated Automotive New Lynn was established in 2000, and has been going strong ever since! • We are LTNZ certified and have WOF Authorization for cars, light trucks and trailers • Our WOFs are thorough yet reasonable, so we can maximize your on road safety for only $49.00. • We guarantee all parts we supply, plus all workmanship • We will always call you before we go ahead on any work • We offer Free no obligation quotes, WINZ quotes and Loan Cars.

Mitsubishi certified

We are Mitsubishi certified mechanic in Auckland.

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Get in touch today and drop your car to our shop whenever you can. We have courtesy cars available if you need so. Otherwise, you can hang out in the mall next to our place until your car is ready.

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